Today’s Activity guys….


Today I was just thinking what new stuff to create today. So, after thinking a lot I decided to teach you guys about how to start and make these amazing decor stuffs at home in your free time. Do follow these simple steps to make these beautiful crafts if you find them good.

Step 1 – Take some old newspapers and cut one half paper into 4 equal parts and so on.

Step 2 – Roll these papers with the help of a stick. Make them like tubes.

Step 3 – Now roll the tubes as you weave, make as you wish to create your own creative.


Though it takes some time for you to get the outcome of the final piece but I would say that you will so relaxed to see it once finished and its worth spending your time to create such stuffs to décor your home.

I would request you all to share your thoughts and your idea too so that we can utilize our free time in our own creative time.

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